Tasting Events

Replay: Quarterly Tasting Event with Grace O’Malley and Proclamation Whiskey

Catch a replay of our fantastically entertaining and educational tasting event with Brand Manager Heather Clancy, Brand Ambassador Serena Huggard and Master Blender Paul Caris from Grace O’Malley Whiskey and Proclamation Whiskey below.  The team led us on a fascinating journey from the origin of the company, the details of the iconic Irish moments and […]
Club Whiskeys

J.J. Corry + Cliffs of Moher + Stories & Sips: Our Next Club Whiskey

Listen to Louise McGuane share the story of this mad idea   An Iconic Place & Project Earlier this year, J.J. Corry founder Louise McGuane selected a range of Single Malt, Single Grain and Single Pot Still whiskeys from their flavor library and matched each whiskey to Sherry casks carefully crafted by their partner cooper […]
July 20, 2022

Whiskey Club Discounts

Stories & Sips Whiskey Club members can avail of a growing list of discounts on whiskey, shipping, tours and more. This will be a growing list so check back regularly to see the latest discounts.     New York Meetup & Whiskey Tasting Take $10 off the price of a ticket to our New York Meetup […]

Celebrating Irish Whiskey. Together.

Irish whiskey has been bringing people together for centuries — to laugh, to cry, to connect, to build community. We may find ourselves in a world that feels very different today than it did a year ago, but one constant remains - Irish whiskey’s ability to connect us, to engage us, to inspire us.

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Let us host a private Irish whiskey experience just for you, your clients and your team. The fire's lighting and the drinks are ready. Are you coming in to our virtual Irish pub?


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