Celebrating Irish Whiskey. Together.

More than the liquid in a bottle....

Whiskey - invented by the Irish and copied the world over, yet nothing comes close to the original. More than the liquid in a bottle alone, Irish whiskey sparks conversation, builds friendships, inspires stories and gives us the sips we deserve.

Irish whiskey has been bringing people together for centuries - to laugh, to cry, to connect, to build community. We may find ourselves in a world that feels very different today than it did a year ago, but one constant remains - Irish whiskey’s ability to connect us, to engage us, to inspire us.

At Stories & Sips, we value “togetherness” above all else. Everything we do, from podcasts to livestreams to virtual events, is designed to bring us closer to one another and to the people and places that give us the Irish whiskey we treasure.

Let’s get our sips on, let’s raise a glass - to each other and to the next glass and the next one.


Get your glass...

We've got many ways for you to dive deeply into Irish whiskey, make new connections and have the craic.

The Stories & Sips Podcast

Every Irish whiskey has a story. You’ll learn more about the whiskeys you love and the people behind them.

The Lock-in Livestream

No matter where you are, join 1000s of Irish whiskey fans from around the world for our weekly virtual get-together.

Group & Private Events

Book a virtual experience for your group or join our growing range of events, online and in-person.


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Darryl McNally – Master of The Liberties

Darryl McNally has spent his whole working life in Irish whiskey and the Dublin Liberties Distillery is his chance to put his very own stamp on whiskey that he’s been keen to make for years. In this episode of Stories and Sips, I have the pleasure of chatting with a master of his craft and a mentor to many up and coming young distillers.

Irish Whiskey in Japan—Jameson, Teeling Single Malt & Redbreast 15: Lock-in Livestream

Irish Whiskey is Japan’s fastest growing spirit category and there is tremendous love for all things Ireland. We were joined this episode by some amazing guests, all the way from Japan, who shared their love for Irish Whiskey, Irish music and Ireland. Rob Hennesy is a whiskey-loving Irishman living in Fukui City who joined us […]

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Releases First-Ever Collaboration With Dot Brewing

Two Stacks Irish Whiskey has announced its first-ever collaboration with Dot Brewing with their new release Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Smoke and Mirrors – Imperial Coffee Finish. Bottled at a cask strength ABV of 56%, their aim was to merge the world of craft beer and whiskey by selecting an ex-bourbon barrel which previously housed […]