Book a private Irish whiskey experience

Engage and entertain your team, your clients, friends or family by bringing them together, virtually, to sip the finest Irish whiskey, get lost in the stories of Ireland, its history and its whiskey traditions and maybe even join in a song or two.

Forget about the regular virtual happy hour and instead spend an hour or two in the company of your host, Irishman and self-professed Irish whiskey ambassador, Barry Chandler, who will guide attendees through an entertaining program designed around your goals, your timeframe and your budget, all delivered in a very reassuring Irish accent.


A new type of whiskey experience

Irish whiskey brings people together. It always has. While the world may have changed, Ireland's much-loved spirit can still connect people in conversation and craic.

The Irish Whiskey Experience takes place entirely online. Guests join our virtual private tasting room online from the comfort of their own homes. They can bring their own whiskey or we can bring it to them. We can even make sure they have the right glassware for the occasion.

Most importantly, every one of our Experiences is designed around your goals for your group, whether that's fundraising for a non-profit, entertaining prospective clients or treating your people to a team-building event.

Oh, and an Irishman is included every time. You just can't keep him.

The Experiences

There's an Experience for everyone

Want an Experience designed around Ireland's whiskey history? We have one for that. Want to dive deep into a particular whiskey brand? We can do that for you. Would you like to sample a range of whiskeys while taking a virtual tour of Ireland? You're in luck, we have one of those too! What if you already have Irish whiskey on your shelf and you want to bring that to the event? No problem.

Our Experiences are not snobby, they're great fun and designed to entertain and engage. You don't need any experience with whiskey, just an interest in learning and laughing.

We're here to help you achieve your goals and can easily recommend the best Experience to meet them. Let's start with a chat.

What People Say

“That was brilliant. We need to talk about more events. Huge hit. The feedback has been amazing so far!” - K. Quinn
"Barry Chandler knows how to throw a tasting, to be sure. Great stories and great sips. Do yourself a favor and get to a tasting, pronto!" - Rick Green
"Thanks for another great evening of whiskey, Barry! It was incredible." - Robert Scott Robinson

Upcoming Events & Experiences

Join a public event, book a private experience, but whatever you do, attend a Stories & Sips event somehow; your very happiness depends on it.