Your very own private Irish whiskey experience

We built a virtual Irish pub just for you, your clients and your team. The fire's lighting and the drinks are ready. Are you coming in?

Let Barry Chandler, genuine Irishman and award-winning host of the world’s most popular Irish whiskey show and podcast, guide you and your guests through an evening of stories, sips and song.

When travel is difficult and getting together with colleagues and clients has become harder, there’s only one solution – we’ll bring the Irish pub to you, virtually.


Let us build a virtual Irish pub for you

We'll build the pub and our evening around your brand, your goals and your guests. Every experience is personalized and unique. No two events are the same.

What is the same is the response from each and every event - "when are we doing this again?"

When was the last time you were able to invite your clients to your very own pub? Isn't it time you did?

The Experiences

Inclusive, non-snobby, fun

The Irish whiskey experience is an immersive, sensory and interactive experience with all guests engaging with questions, comments, feedback and thoughts on the whiskey and Ireland.

It's an evening filled with engaging stories, delicious sips, and the chance that a song or two might break out too....

Barry answers every question posed by guests throughout the evening and ensures that everyone has had the most incredible Irish experience - even while participating from home.

The Whiskeys

We'll bring the whiskeys right to your door

We have created incredible luxury gift boxes with miniature bottles of our favorite Irish whiskey that will wow your guests and ensure they get to taste a range of Ireland's famous whiskeys.

Looking for a more bespoke package? Got your eye on a certain Irish whiskey brand or bottle? Would you like your guests to receive a whiskey tasting kit including glassware with your logo engraved? We've shipped thousands of these packs around the U.S.

We can help customize the ideal package for your guests from as little as $99 per person (based on 30 guests).

Our guests

Look who's been to the pub. Will you be next?

Nobody is looking for a sales pitch and nobody wants another boring, stuffy, corporate event, which is why we created a night filled with laughter, stories, songs and great whiskeys.

Over the past year, the Irish Whiskey Experience has improved morale for dozens of teams, re-engaged lapsed prospects, reduced the time taken to close deals with clients and brought in millions of dollars in new business. It turns out that when you bring people together with no agenda other than connecting meaningfully, great things happen. Will your company be the next into tour virtual pub?

What People Say

“That was brilliant. We need to talk about more events. Huge hit. The feedback has been amazing so far!” - K. Quinn
“I’ve been doing corporate events for close to 37 years and this was the best event I’ve ever been to in person or much fun..”
"Barry Chandler knows how to throw a tasting, to be sure. Great stories and great sips. Do yourself a favor and get to a tasting, pronto!" - Rick Green
"Thanks for another great evening of whiskey, Barry! It was incredible." - Robert Scott Robinson
“Exactly the type of event we needed....a celebration of the it..”
“I can’t tell you how great this was...I’ve been through a rough few months and this was just perfect timing..I laughed a ton and enjoyed great company....THANK YOU!”
“My husband and I have attended many whiskey tasting events, at different locations, with different brands. I can honestly say, Barry's events are the most informative and most enjoyable we've ever attended!”