Causeway Coast Whiskey Reviews: Lock-in Livestream

November 7, 2020


This is our third Lock-in coming directly from Ireland – itself in the middle of a national Lock-in.

It’s never been more important to find a bit of community during these tough times and the Friday night Lock-in is all about Irish whiskey fans from around the world raising a glass together to health and a bit of craic.

This week we open three unusual bottles (unusual, at least, to our American friends) but even if you don’t have these whiskeys on your shelf, I think you’ll enjoy the story of each of them and perhaps they’ll even encourage you to seek out new and interesting varieties that you haven’t tried before.

We sip on:

Grace O’Malley Rum Cask
Green Spot 26 year old (The Whisky Exchange Release)
West Cork IPA Cask Matured

We’re joined by a man who rarely gets in front of the camera as he’s too busy writing about Irish whiskey and reviewing your favorite releases. Phil Crawford, author at Causeway Coast Whiskey Reviews and contributing writer to Malt Review is special guest.

He not only weighs in on my whiskeys, but he also brings three of his own and a guitar! He promised at least ten songs so we do our best to hold him to that.

Join us for the craic, the community, the music and a few drops of wonderful Irish whiskey!



Irish whiskeys sipped this week:

  • Grace O’Malley Rum Cask
  • Green Spot 26 year old (The Whisky Exchange Release)
  • West Cork IPA Cask Matured




Join Barry Chandler, founder and host of Stories & Sips every Friday live on Facebook and YouTube at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

Each week Barry opens up a few different Irish whiskeys and invites a guest or two to join for conversation and craic.

The Lock-in Livestream is a great chance to raise a glass to our health, one another and another week under our belt.

Irish whiskey brings people together. Each Friday 1000s of Irish whiskey fans come together in one place – the Lock-in Livestream. Mark your calendar for this weekly celebration of all things Irish whiskey.