Irish Whiskey & Seaweed. A Marriage of Land & Sea.

March 13, 2020



The growing demand for Irish whiskey has inspired new innovation by Irish whiskey distilleries across every aspect of fermentation, distillation and maturation.

It’s not just the distilleries that are innovating either. New whiskey brands are finding unique ways to collaborate with distilleries to bring products to the market that may not have become a reality without such a collaboration.

One of these collaborations has launched this week and may indeed be a world’s first. In this episode of Stories & Sips, I sit down with Patrick Shelley, founder of Origin Spirits, who this week launches his first whiskey, Currach Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

What’s unique and innovative about another new Irish whiskey, you might ask? Well this one marries Ireland’s land and sea with the single malt whiskey finished in Irish seaweed casks – a first for the Irish whiskey industry.

Patrick brings a unique global perspective and Irish pride to this whiskey and I love the collaboration and even a touch of madness that was needed to bring this to market.

I hope you enjoy his story.

If you’d like to order a bottle, you’ll find it on sale at Irish Malts.


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