Darryl McNally to Revive Historic Brand

July 2, 2021

Limavady Irish Whiskey, one of Ireland’s oldest whiskeys dating back to 1750, is poised to make a comeback later this summer, breaking new ground in the fast growing Irish Whiskey category. 

Darryl McNally, Master Distiller, and descendant of the Limavady Distillery’s 18th century operators, is leading the revitalization of the historic brand, pulling it into the 21st century and propelling it onto a global stage. 

Born in a bar in Limavady on the northernmost coast of Ireland, McNally has lived on a farm in the area his entire life. Following his early years in the family pub business, McNally went on to spend more than 20 years honing his craft and working his way up through the world of Irish whiskey. During this time, he was employed by big names in the Irish whiskey industry and eventually earned the title of Master Distiller. 

McNally has crafted over a dozen internationally awarded whiskeys, winning numerous gold medals for his employers. The rebirth of Limavady Whiskey marks a significant juncture for McNally as he makes the leap to go independent, fulfilling a lifelong dream to create his own masterpiece by reclaiming the Limavady Whiskey name and putting his hometown firmly on the Irish whiskey map.

McNally said, “For me, making whiskey has never just been a job, it’s my passion. Being able to bring that to life through a timeless brand like Limavady Whiskey, from the place where I was born and raised, makes me feel incredibly fortunate. It’s a source of immense pride to myself and my family to be able to carry on the Limavady name and make our stamp on the industry, introducing an exceptional Irish whiskey to the global market.”

Irish whiskey is experiencing exponential growth worldwide, yet the market remains dominated by mass-produced brands. McNally will channel his experience and expertise to bring something new and different to the category. He said, “The Irish whiskey renaissance of recent years is showing no signs of slowing down, with the world only really beginning to comprehend the depth and breadth of the category. Only now are we almost back to where we rightfully belong in terms of volume and profile since the dark days of the 1900s, and I believe the best is yet to come.”

“I’m beyond excited for Limavady to play a role in the continued growth of Irish whiskey.”

While further details of the brand are being held closely under wraps, Limavady Irish Whiskey is poised to begin selling in select markets throughout the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and the United States as soon as August, 2021.

Additional information on Limavady will be released in the coming months as the launch date draws closer. You can stay up to date at www.limavady.com