Join us in our Virtual Irish Pub

When it's hard to get everyone together in the same pub for a few drinks and stories, why not bring the pub to everyone? Below you'll find details on how we've been entertaining visitors to our Virtual Pub for the past two years with our Irish Whiskey Experiences. Looking forward to welcoming your guests soon.

The Irish Whiskey Experience 2022 by Barry Chandler

What People Say

“That was brilliant. We need to talk about more events. Huge hit. The feedback has been amazing so far!” - K. Quinn
"Barry Chandler knows how to throw a tasting, to be sure. Great stories and great sips. Do yourself a favor and get to a tasting, pronto!" - Rick Green
"I can’t tell you how great this was...I’ve been through a rough few months and this was just perfect timing..I laughed a ton and enjoyed great company....THANK YOU!”
“I’ve been doing corporate events for close to 37 years and this was the best event I’ve ever been to in person or much fun..”