Boatyard Distillery

Boatyard Distillery

Inside a marina on the banks of Lough Erne in northwest Ireland, sits Boatyard Distillery — the “first legal distillery in Fermanagh in over 130 years.”

Owner Joe McGirr’s father and grandfather before him farmed this land and Joe proudly continues in their footsteps, using spent grain to feed the “happiest cows in Ireland.”

Today the distillery produces three different spirits. Boatyard Double Gin features Sweet Gale grown on the McGirr family farm. Boatyard Distillery also produces the first Old Tom style gin produced in Ireland and rounding out the Boatyard Distillery family of spirits is an unfiltered vodka designed to let the flavor of the Fermanagh-grown grain shine forward.

A small quantity of malt whiskey has also been produced and is currently aging on the banks of the lake with plans for expanded whiskey production in the future.


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