Connacht Whiskey Company Distillery

Connacht Whiskey Company Distillery

The Connacht Distillery which sits on the banks of the River Moy in Ballina, County Mayo began distilling in 2016.

They first laid down double distilled single malt and followed this with the distillation of their own triple distilled single malt as well.

Currently none of their own whiskey has made it to market (because it’s sleeping)

The Connacht Distillery currently distribute the blended Connacht Irish Whiskey, Brothership Blended Whiskey, a 10 year-old blend of American and Irish whiskeys, and Spade & Bushel Irish Whiskey, a 10 Year Old Single Malt. All of these whiskeys are currently sourced from other distilleries.

Originally home to the Duffy family bakery, it didn’t take long to convert the building to the 2,500 square foot distillery and visitor centre it is now. Sure, isn’t whiskey only liquid bread….

The business is led by David Stapleton, current chairman of the Irish Whiskey Association.

The province of Connacht in the North West of Ireland boasts an extensive selection of archeological sites and ruined abbeys and legend has it that it is also the legendary home of Queen Meabh so lots of opportunities to add to your tour to the North West.

First distillery release expected Summer 2021. 


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