Lough Gill Distillery

Lough Gill Distillery


Lough Gill Distillery is an Irish Whiskey Distillery in the former abandoned factory site behind Hazelwood House in County Sligo. The stunning property sits on an 80 acre peninsula surrounded by water on three sides.

Hazelwood House was built in 1725 by renowned architect Richard Cassels and has seen many industries pass through its grounds over the years, including a nylon yarn factory and a production house for video tapes. 

The history of the area stretches back even further than that, as it was once the seat of the O’Connor family, High Kings of Ireland.

The size of the factory and the readily available water made it a perfect location for distillation and on site maturation.

There are plans for a dedicated visitors centre which hopes to accommodate 200,000 annual visitors.

Athrú is the whiskey brand that Lough Gill Distillery has introduced to the world. “Athrú” is the Irish word meaning to “change” or “transform”.

Though it will be years before their own spirit is ready they have sourced a trio of releases under this brand name.