Irish Whiskey Pub Quiz Fundraiser: Lock-in Livestream

June 21, 2021

This was a chance to test your Irish whiskey knowledge, win some amazing Irish whiskey prizes and support a very important cause on The Lock-in.

In August, I’ll be cycling 100 miles in Columbus, Ohio in the annual Pelotonia charity fundraising ride. I’ve committed to raising at least $5000 to participate, 100% of which goes directly to support high-risk, high-reward cancer research initiatives. Not a dime is taken for administration costs or salaries (these are all paid for through corporate donations).

Cancer is too close to many of us and has taken too many people from us too soon. Pelotonia’s goal is that in our lifetime, cancer can be successfully treated as if it were a chronic illness rather than a death sentence, something we can all get behind.

As part of my fundraising efforts I hosted the ultimate Irish Whiskey Pub Quiz on the Lock-in.

There were 5 rounds of questions, including:

– Irish Distilleries
– Irish whiskey brands
– Irish whiskey history
– How Irish whiskey is made
– The people of Irish whiskey

Amazing prizes were generously donated by IrishMalts, Folsom Wine & Spirits, Belfast Whiskey Week, Stories & Sips and more.

Thank you for all the purchases so many of you have made of our charity fundraising t-shirts. You can see the progress towards our fundraising goal at the link below.

To donate, simply visit

In these tough times, I’m well aware that not everyone can make a financial donation, but for those that can, thank you. 

Let’s raise our spirits, our glasses and some much needed funds for cancer research.



Irish whiskeys sipped this week:

  • Whatever you have on hand!



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The Lock-in Livestream is a great chance to raise a glass to our health, one another and another week under our belt.

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