Replay: J.J. Corry + Cliffs of Moher: Progress Tasting

August 28, 2022

Listen to Louise McGuane share the story of this mad idea


An Iconic Place & Project

Earlier this year, J.J. Corry founder Louise McGuane selected a range of Single Malt, Single Grain and Single Pot Still whiskeys from their flavor library and matched each whiskey to Sherry casks carefully crafted by their partner cooper in Montilla, Spain. Each of these casks contained Sherry wines hand-selected by Louise from bodegas across Spain.

In June, the J.J. Corry team drove these casks (9 x 50 liter casks) up the hilly path to one of Ireland’s most iconic spots, the Cliffs of Moher, for a very special project. 

We’ve been following the whiskeys as they mature 700 ft above the Atlantic ocean over the last few months and on August 30th we’re going to taste them for the last time on their clifftop perch. 

A number of fellow Stories & Sips Whiskey Club Members will be making the trek from different parts of Ireland, some of whom extended their vacations, to join the tasting and experience the whiskeys in their unique aging habitat. 

We’ll be opening the barrels, tasting them side by side and then discussing what we might do next with these whiskeys – blend them? Release them as single casks? Opt for one or two casks for our Club members? 

Tune in live on Facebook or Youtube (recording available if you cannot make it live) at 2pm EST, this Tuesday, August 30th to watch the tasting, hear from J.J. Corry founder, Louise McGuane and the feedback from our Club members at this very special tasting. 

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Replay of our J.J. Corry + Cliffs of Moher: Progress Tasting: