JJ Corry The Hanson Tasting Notes

December 4, 2021

JJ Corry, The Hanson

Louise McGuane

Single Malt 



Tasting note compiled by Mark McLaughlin (@mark_rye)



JJ Corry is a brand which has been rejuvenated by modern whiskey bonder Louise McGuane at her farm in Cooraclare, Co. Clare. While whiskey bonding in its traditional sense had died out, Louise became one of the first to be seeking out mature and new make stock from Ireland’s distilleries, setting herself apart from veteran bonders, such as Ally Alpine of the Celtic Whisky Shop, by owning her own bond, which she is championing as one of the defining factors in modern whiskey bonding. Along with this she insists that a bonder should be purchasing their own new make spirits alongside any mature stock they can source.

I have to say, I like the approach, she’s building a library of flavour profiles from various distilleries which will eventually lead to incredibly complex whiskey of the future. Right now most of the whiskeys are coming from the usual sources. This particular release is Irelands first blended grain whiskey made up of grain whiskeys matured in ex-bourbon casks from 2 separate distilleries. Named ‘The Hanson’ after JJ Corry’s exciseman John Andrew ‘The Gauger’ Hanson who JJ Corry made friends with over a few whiskeys.


Pale Straw


Nose (Aromas)

Lots of light, sweet grain notes, there’s a kind of prickliness in the back of the nose that I can only describe as feeling like white light. There’s lots of coconut shavings, toasted pine nuts, pencils shavings and light vanilla.


Palate & Finish 

Complex, the palate becomes much more stone fruit driven, while the orchard character swamps in from behind, there’s orange zest, marzipan, hazelnut and dark chocolate. It’s got a lovely oily texture which allows the grape driven notes to continue from the nose with light touches of oak spice throughout.



Incredibly easy-going as you’d expect, certainly not something you’re going to be challenging yourself too much with but definitely ticks the mix-ability card I think they were going for here. Think whiskey & soda or whiskey & homemade lemonade.

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