Knappogue Castle 12yo Marsala cask finish Tasting Notes

April 16, 2022


Knappogue Castle 12yo Marsala cask finish

Knappogue Castle Distillery

Single malt



Tasting note compiled by Chris Hennessy.



So our tale begins with engine oil, miles covered & Italian vibes.!, nope we’re not falling into the world of formula 1, as single malts reign here. 
You see in 1966, as all Irish men dream, Mark Edwin Andrews successfully purchased a castle (sorry Barry, touchy subject). This was in fact a 15th century castle in Co.Clare, which was then sadly derelict. Thankfully Mark & his wife, a prominent architect, then embarked on an ambitious program of restoration, in an effort to return the structure to its original state of grandeur. 
As a young man Marco worked on his family’s vines & farm, but left to be a race car driver. When he quit racing he returned to his mother’s land to start a new career. He revamped and revitalized the land, planting Grillo grapes, & began making Marsala. Continued through the next generation, the single malt captivates the nuttiness of a Marsala wine. 



Sun kissed copper


Nose (Aromas)

Fresh tangerine zest, macadamia nuttiness, wood spice & banana chips. 


Palate & Finish 

Banana fosters dessert, caramelised brown sugar over ripe bananas, orchard fruits & crushed malted barley grains. As the fresh tangerine returns, there’s a slight metallic undertone which sometimes can be related to stone fruit kernels & borderline develop into an anise forward note. Fragrant & herbal, working harmoniously with wooded spice as it draws off the palate.



I’ve always been on the hunt for fortified wine influences that can tell a harmonious story alongside a good juicy malt, without masking the cereals biscuity sweetness. Knappogue have done justice to the Marsala wines delicate floral & herbal brightness.



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