Liam Brogan: Two Stacks, One Whiskey Journey

July 1, 2020

Over the last few years we’ve seen a rise in independent Irish whiskey brands due to availability of mature whiskey becoming available from new distilleries. This is something not seen in more than 100 years – available mature whiskey from Irish whiskey distilleries being bottled by third party bottlers and brands and sold around the world.

One such Irish whiskey brand that will launch shortly is Two Stacks Irish whiskey. It is being sourced, bottled and sold by a company called Ireland Craft Beverages, who have spent the last 6 years playing the roles of importer and distributor for well known Irish drinks around the world. Now, they’ve decided the time is right to launch their own brand of Irish whiskey with the goal of selling something that they’ve had a hand in producing.

I thought it might be interesting to follow this journey from idea all the way through to global availability. Over then next year we’ll hear from the team at Ireland Craft Beverages about their progress, their challenges, their wins, their struggles as they build an Irish whiskey brand.

Donal McLynn, Liam Brogan and Shane McCarthy from Ireland Craft beverages


In this first episode on that journey, I chatted with Liam Brogan, co-founder, who shared the details of Two Stacks Irish whiskey, how he and his co-founders launched the company and how they intend to be different.

I hope you enjoy this slightly different approach we’re taking in this episode, but building a whisky brand is no small undertaking and I think the more we all know about the journey, the more fun it will be to drink the whiskey when it hits the shelves.



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