Replay: Meet The Maker: Master Distiller Noel Sweeney & Red Locks Irish Whiskey Team

April 29, 2022

Master Distiller Noel Sweeney (formerly of Cooley and Powerscourt Distilleries) is a master at his craft and a scientist, Kieran Folliard a romantic entrepreneur. Noel’s built a career in Ireland over decades patiently honing his craft while Kieran is flying around Minnesota starting projects primarily on instinct and passion.

We interviewed Kieran for the Stories & Sips podcast in 2019, which you can listen back to here.

The two Mayo men have teamed up for the creation of the Red Locks Irish Whiskey blend. Through the process Noel showed his notorious flair for soft, delicate Irish whiskey with the introduction of a luxurious and traditional sherry cask finish. Kieran advocated for a boldness that would hold up in a cocktail, and a special something that could keep American palettes salivating over Irish whiskey. Noel rose to the challenge with a blend finished in Sherry, Ex-Bourbon, Rye and (wild card) Virgin Oak casks.

Noel, Kieran and Brand Ambassador Alex Capper joined us for an entertaining session where they shared:

  • Their journeys in the world of Irish whiskey
  • What led to the creation of this new Irish whiskey release
  • How the whiskeys were chosen for Red Locks Irish Whiskey
  • The percentage breakdown of grain and malt as well as the barrel types used in the maturation
  • The plans for the next release(s)
  • A tasting of the whiskey together, its notes and palate


Watch a replay below of our great event.