A Love Letter To Midleton And Its Whiskeys

September 27, 2018

Midleton, a small farming town in East Cork, a half hour’s drive from Cork City in the South of Ireland is the unlikely center of the world for Irish whiskey. Unlikely, maybe in terms of its size, (population 12000) humility or the fact that it doesn’t have any airs of superiority, but not unlikely when you consider its location.

Built on the Dungourney river a great fresh water source, and within 100 miles of all the barley it needs, it has the perfect location to distill the world’s most famous Irish whiskeys. In fact 90% of the Irish whiskeys on the market today are either completely distilled in this small town or use its grain whiskey in their blends.

In this episode, I’ll share some of the history, whiskeys and stories that have made Midleton the home of Irish whiskey.



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