Tales and Tastes of Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

August 5, 2019

Only two distillers in the history of Irish Distillers Limited have had a bottle of whiskey named for them. The first was John Jameson and the second, Barry Crockett, the legendary Master Distiller Emeritus of the Midleton Distillery.

Barry took over from his father Max Crockett, himself the Master Distiller before Barry, in 1981 and retired in 2013 after 47 years at the distillery.

It is thanks to Barry that Midleton Distillery today has aged whiskey stock available to blend and bottle. During the challenging years of poor demand for Irish whiskey globally, Barry maintained it would see a resurgence and it would be important to be ready.

He wasn’t wrong. To celebrate his legacy at the distillery, Irish Distillers released “Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy” in 2013 – a single pot still whiskey, the distillation of which he would have supervised twenty years before.

In this episode of Stories & Sips, I’m joined in the very cottage that Barry was born in – the Distiller’s Cottage – on the grounds of the Old Midleton Distillery by the legendary whiskey blogger, reviewer and raconteur Omar Fitzell, more well known online as “That’s Dram Good” to talk about Barry’s legacy and sample this extraordinary whiskey.

We spent the day together in the Distiller’s Cottage sampling some fine Midleton whiskeys and telling a few tall tales so you’ll see more episodes from our adventures in Midleton over the next few weeks.

We may have even cracked a Redbreast Dream Cask open in one episode……stay tuned!