Our very own Irish whiskey

Exclusive collaborations with Irish whiskey distilleries and brands.

Stories & Sips released its first Irish whiskey in 2020 in collaboration with Whiskey Bonder J.J. Corry. This whiskey, The Story, became the first in what will be an ongoing series of Irish whiskey collaborations. Each whiskey release will help connect whiskey fans with the people and places behind the brands, introducing them to the journey of a whiskey from conception to bottling through a series of complementary events and trips.

The Story

Collaboration #1: J.J. Corry

A stunning blend of 70% single malt and 30% single grain with malt components as old as 29 years old. Wonderful tropical fruit notes - pineapple, mango and citrus fruits - giving way to a semi-sweet biscuit malt note with great length. A remarkable Irish whsikey that sold out within 4 hours of release.

Coming Soon

Collaboration #2: Coming Soon

Stay tuned for the next collaboration in the Stories & Sips series of Irish whiskeys. Be sure to enter your email address at the bottom of this page to be the first to hear about our next exciting collaboration.

What People Say

"The Story was a welcome distraction from what was a tough year. Being able to share in the journey from blending, bottling, shipping, to finally a group tasting was months of interest and fun. Ultimately, the best part was the whiskey itself, as it truly is magnificent. My only regret is that I have one single bottle!" - Brian Riley
"I’ll always remember how people came together to get a sample of The Story into as many hands as possible. From Ohioans getting whiskey delivered to friend’s homes in different states, to sharing samples and mini bottles, this group came together to do what we could to bring as many people together as possible to share the experience! 🥃" - Stacie Stearns
"In a year filled with doubt and so many things that seemed to be going wrong... “The Story” truly was a story of so many things that went right! It was a welcome ray of sunshine in an uncertain time. The culmination event where we all tasted it together was a night I won’t forget. From being able to hear Louise share the origins to the first sip....exquisite! Well done sir! It will be hard to top this experience but I have every confidence you will be able to accomplish that as well. Slainte!" - Dave Bohorquez
"I have been reluctant to drink it because of how special the first taste was and knowing that when the bottle is gone all I will have is “the stories”. But then, isn’t that what it’s all about." - Andrew Shuman
"It is not often that a product meets or exceeds the "hype" associated with it. Given the build up and the anticipation of the release of The Story, I would say unequivocally that the product matches the hype. It is satiny, fruity, creamy, and buttery with just a hint of spice to pull all of its fine qualities together. It is, without a doubt, a top 5 whiskey among my collection." - Brian Redden
"I loved the process. Learning, listening, providing input...the whole nine. The story...and The Story...are both definitely a highlight of the past year. As a novice, I’ll spare you the wonky tasting notes, but. -I do know what I like - and I really like this drop" - Rick Green