The surprising number of peated Irish whiskeys

April 26, 2023
by Barry Chandler
In response to a recent post in our Irish Whiskey Fans of America Facebook Group bemoaning the lack of smoky or peated Irish whiskeys, I suggested that far from there being just a handful, there were more than 50 such whiskeys on the market. My “outrageous” claim was challenged and so I set about compiling the list of all known Irish whiskeys that contained some or all peated grains.
My investigation, with the help of Whiskey Twitter quickly determined that not only were there more than 50 peated Irish whiskeys released over the past few years, there were more than 80! 
There may be more and I’m certainly open to any corrections but it’s important to note that for the purposes of this research for a whiskey to be called a “peated whiskey”, it had to meet the following criteria:
  • Must be made from some or all peated grains (barley, rye, oats, etc)
  • As long as at least 1% of component whiskeys were made from peated grains, they were counted
  • Whiskeys made from non-peated grains yet matured in a cask that previously contained a peated whiskey were not counted (there are quite a few of these whiskeys)
All whiskeys below (I’m pretty sure) meet these criteria, giving flavors ranging from lightly to heavily smoky/peated.
Ireland has a long history of producing peated whiskeys, but it was the advance of more affordable and available smokeless fuel sources coupled with a decline in Irish whiskey production through much of the twentieth century that led to the myth that Ireland simply didn’t produce this style of whiskey, something the Scots have been only too happy to exploit! 

Peated Irish Whiskeys

  1. Waterford Argot
  2. Waterford Fenniscourt Peated
  3. Waterford Ballybannon Peated
  4. Waterford Der Wanderer Micro Cuvée
  5. Connemara
  6. Connemara Cask Strength
  7. Connemara 12
  8. Connemara 22
  9. Connemara Turf Mór
  10. Connemara Bog Oak
  11. Connemara Distiller’s Edition
  12. Bill Phil Batches 1-6
  13. Bill Phil Cask Strength
  14. Two Stacks The First Cut
  15. Two Stacks Blender’s Cut
  16. Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors
  17. Two Stacks Dram in a Can Blend
  18. Two Stacks Dram in a Can Single Malt
  19. Two Stacks Double Barrel Single Malt
  20. Two Stacks The Big One Chapter 1
  21. Two Stacks Blenders Cut – Apricot Brandy
  22. Two Stacks Blenders Cut – Apple Brandy
  23. Two Stacks Blenders Cut – Cherry Brandy
  24. Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors – Imperial Coffee Stout
  25. Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors – PX Stout
  26. Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors – Maple Syrup Stout
  27. Shortcross Peated Single Malt
  28. Muff Irish Whiskey
  29. May Loag Peated Burgundy Cask
  30. Sliabh Liag Silkie
  31. Sliabh Liag Silkie Cask Strength
  32. Sliabh Liag Dark Silkie
  33. Sliabh Liag Dark Silkie Cask Strength
  34. Sliabh Liag Red Silkie
  35. Sliabh Liag Red Silkie Cask Strength
  36. Sliabh Liag Red Silkie Three Drinkers Edition
  37. Sliabh Liag Midnight Silkie
  38. Sliabh Liag Midnight Silkie Cask Strength
  39. Midleton Very Rare Silent Distillery Ch. 1
  40. Hyde No.11 Peated Single Malt
  41. Micil Inverin
  42. Micil Inverin Cask Strength
  43. Hinch Peated Single Malt
  44. Titanic Distillers Blend
  45. Velvet Cap Peated
  46. Dunville’s 1808
  47. Black’s Black Smoke
  48. St. Patrick’s Peated Single Malt
  49. An Fear Grinn Maointeach
  50. An Fear Grinn Against the Grain
  51. Teeling Blackpitts
  52. Teeling Blackpitts Cask Strength
  53. Inishowen peated
  54. Fairy Casks Rum Cask heavy peated
  55. JJ Corry the Chosen
  56. Teeling 24yr
  57. Teeling 26yr
  58. Teeling 28yr
  59. Teeling 29yr
  60. Teeling 30yr
  61. Cadenhead 26yr cooley
  62. Cadenhead 21yr cooley
  63. Cadenhead 16yr cooley
  64. Slieve Na Gloc
  65. The Liberator Port n Peat
  66. Kirker Shamrock
  67. Celtic Cask Naoi
  68. Celtic Cask Deich
  69. Celtic Cask Fiche Cuig
  70. Kilbeggan Black
  71. Michael Collins 10yr
  72. Mourne Dew Single Malt
  73. Lough Ree The Station
  74. Lough Ree The Bridge Mountdillon
  75. Lough Ree Bart’s
  76. The Celt 3
  77. Killowen Small Batch Peated
  78. Killowen Barántuil KD001
  79. Killowen Barántuil Cask KD020
  80. Killowen Barántuil KD024
  81. Blackwater Dirtgrain #93
  82. Locke’s 8yr
  83. Bunratty Peated Malt
  84. Glasnevin Rebels’ Choice
  85. Irish Whiskey Wochenende Sonderabfüllung
  86. Listoke Wise Owl Whiskey
  87. James Fox blended batch 1
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