Peter Mulryan: From Broadcasting to The Blackwater

May 27, 2020

Peter Mulryan and Blackwater Distillery have quickly made a name for themselves in the Irish drinks world – winning Best Irish Gin in 2016 as well as launching some uniquely Irish products – Tanora Gin, a tribute to the Tanora brand of tangerine lemonade we had growing up in Cork in the 1980s to their Barry’s Tea Gin a wonderful celebration of two things the Irish love – gin and tea. And especially a good Cork tea like Barry’s.

But it is their whiskey that I’m most interested in – from how they think about it, how they make it and what they’re trying to do to bring more transparency and whiskey options to the end consumer. Outspoken and passionate, Peter Mulryan is determined to build on Irish whiskey’s rich, diverse history and recipes, and with a healthy pour of innovation ensure that his Irish whiskey takes advantage of the best of Irish whisky’s past and present.

I’m a fan of what Peter and his team are doing and in advance of the launch of their newest sourced whiskey, Velvet Cap, I’m excited to share our chat with you.

In this episode, Peter shares:

  • What his first memory of whiskey is
  • How broadcasting and spirits collided to pique his interest in distilling
  • Why he took the leap from employment to entrepeneurship
  • Why Waterford was the chosen location for Blackwater Distillery
  • What whiskeys he has maturing patiently in the warehouse
  • How he balances his focus on historical heritage whiskeys and necessary innovation
  • Why he feels Irish whiskey definitions need to be updated
  • Why he has chosen to release a sourced whiskey, Velvet Cap, this year
  • What impact current global changes are having on his business
  • When we can expect to see the first of his own whiskey being released
  • And much much more!

McCarthy’s Hardware in Ballyduff, Co. Waterford in November 2017, just before building work started on the new still house at Blackwater Distillery.

Blackwater Distillery

The distillery as it neared completion.

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