Replay: Knappogue Castle Whiskey Tasting

February 24, 2023





Knappogue Castle Whiskey

In 1966, American Mark Edwin Andrews and his wife Lavonne purchased Knappogue Castle, a 15th century castle in Ireland, which was then in ruins. The couple then embarked on an ambitious program of restoration in an effort to return the structure to its original state of glory and grandeur.
It was around this time that Andrews began buying casks of fine pot still whiskey from shuttered distilleries around Ireland. The casks were further aged and bottled under what is now the Knappogue Castle label. His last bottling, a 1951 vintage aged 36 years, is revered by connoisseurs as the oldest and rarest commercially available Irish whiskey on the market.
Many years later, his son, Mark Andrews III, would bring Knappogue 1951 and his father's legacy to life with the resurrection of the brand and the introduction of a range of extraordinary Single Malt Irish Whiskeys. Today, Knappogue Castle is part of the famed Irish Distillers portfolio, which includes all of the products produced at the Midleton Distillery. 

The whiskeys we'll sample

We'll enjoy a sample of three Single Malt Irish Whiskeys, aged for 12, 14 and 16 years respectively. 


Wait, there's more!

We are extremely fortunate to have gained access to 3 x 700ml bottles of the legendary Knappogue Castle 1951, one of the rarest Irish whiskeys in the world, which we'll be dividing up into 70 individual samples (30ml each) and operating a lottery system so that as many Club members can taste this whiskey in as fair a way as possible. 

This highly distinctive Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey was distilled in 1951 in the old Tullamore distillery more than 70 years ago and aged exclusively in sherry casks for 36 years. Boasting an impressive display of flavor profiles, rich with notes of soft honey, linseed, clean barley and oats. It’s about as complex, rare and beguiling as Irish whiskey gets.

Sought after the world over, Knappogue Castle 1951 is a treat only a fortunate few are lucky enough to taste and 70 of our Club members are going to be lucky enough to do just that. 

Lucky lottery winners (drawn from those who register for our event) will open their package to discover a very old, very valuable sample of whiskey inside!


Wait, there's still more!

An additional 130 Club members will receive a sample of as yet unreleased Knappogue Castle stock, drawn directly from casks in the Midleton warehouses, giving many of our members a chance to taste something extraordinary and never-before shared. 

Watch the tasting event now below



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