Rademon Estate Distillery Releases Inaugural Shortcross Irish Whiskey

November 17, 2021

Rademon Estate Distillery is proud to release the first inaugural release of Shortcross Irish Whiskey.  This unique release is the first Irish Whiskey to be wholly distilled and released by a new Irish Whiskey distillery in Northern Ireland since the 1920s and the first whiskey to be released  outside of the Old Bushmills Distillery since the closure of the Old Comber and Coleraine distilleries.



The whiskey was double distilled on Rademon Estate Distillery’s original 450L copper pot still which at the time was the smallest whiskey still in use on the island of Ireland.


The whiskey has been matured in a unique cask combination that uses neither traditional bourbon or sherry casks.  In an industry first the inaugural batch of Shortcross Irish Whiskey is matured fully in Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux Red Wine casks before being finished in chinquapin oak, the first time this unique cask combination has been used in Irish Whiskey.  These casks have delivered less than 700 bottles for this inaugural release.


The whiskey has been fully matured for 5 Years and is the first of the new wave of releases from new Irish Whiskey distilleries to carry an age statement on whiskey that has been produced at their own distilleries.


In introducing this release, Co-Founder and Head Distiller, David Boyd-Armstrong said

When laying down these casks of Irish Whiskey we had a vision that we always wanted to create something unique for our first release.  In doing so we set ourselves a challenge of sourcing the right casks that would mature the newly created spirit to show case the unique flavours and aromas of the whiskey.


Commenting further on the release, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Fiona Boyd-Armstrong noted

This has been the combination of over 10 years work to build a new distillery in Northern Ireland and in doing so created exceptional spirits.  As the first woman to found and operate a modern Whiskey distillery on the island of Ireland this release feels like a significant landmark for both Rademon and also the Irish Whiskey industry as a whole.”

You can find more details on Rademon Estate Distillery and their inaugural release here.


Shortcross Irish Whiskey deconstructed


Release #:                               Inaugural

Number of Bottles:                 Less than 700

Distillery Name:                      Rademon Estate Distillery, Co. Down

Spirit Type:                             Double Distilled Single Malt

Still Type:                                450L Copper Pot Still

Distilled by:                             David Boyd-Armstrong

Phenol Count:                         N/A

Release Date:                           December 2021

Age Statement:                        5 Years Old

%ABV:                                       46.0%

Chill Filtered:                           No

Caramel Colouring:                No

Maturation Cask Type:          W16/001 – Red Wine, Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux

                                                    W16/002 – Red Wine, Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux

Finish Cask Type:                   Virgin Chinquapin Oak, High Char

Barley Origin:                          Island of Ireland

Yeast Type:                               Pressed, M & MX

Water Source:                          Rademon Estate Aquifer

Fermentation Time:               100 Hours+

Cask Filling Strength:            Still Strength ~67%ABV

Distilled:                                   March 2016

Maturation Cask Filled:        March 2016

Cask Filled by:                        Fiona Boyd-Armstrong

Vatting:                                    October to November 2021

Bottled:                                    November 2021

Maturation:                            Rademon Estate Distillery, Co Down.

Bottling:                                  Rademon Estate Distillery, Co Down.