Stories & Sips Whiskey Club 2nd Anniversary Releases

October 27, 2023

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In late October 2021, the Stories & Sips Whiskey Club officially came to life, giving us a chance to get closer to the people, places and pours of Irish whiskey through tastings, exclusive releases and virtual events. It’s been a fantastic two years for us as whiskey consumers getting to try new whiskeys and in turn support many independent and up-and-coming whiskey brands across the island of Ireland. 

To celebrate two glorious whiskey-filled years, we’re delighted and proud to collaborate with Daithi O’Connell, founder of the eponymous W.D. O’Connell Whiskey Merchants in Waterford to bring two exclusive single cask, single pot still whiskeys to our Club members – one for each year of our existence as a Club! 

It’s the first time we’ve released two whiskeys at the same time and to top off the excitement, we’re bundling them together for those who want a little bit of extra and including a swag pack with Stories & Sips coasters, stickers, glass topper, three additional whiskey samples from W.D. O’Connell and a custom W.D. O’Connell Glencairn Whiskey Glass. These whiskeys will also allow us to give back to those in need this Christmas.


The Maker

W.D. O’Connell is a very different kind of whiskey maker. They do not have a distillery and are not trying to build one. Instead, they bottle & blend the best spirits they can find to curate a bottle and cask library that matches their adventurous spirit.

Just like the bygone tradition of bottlers and bonders from the earliest days of Irish whiskey, Daithi and his team seek out the best new-make and mature spirits from Ireland’s distillers. They work with peated whiskey; they bottle single grains; they cherish an all-sherry cask strength release and don’t limit their reach to Irish spirits alone. 

Since launching in 2018, many of W.D. O’Connell’s releases have become instant hits, breaking new ground and offering whiskey consumers the chance to explore new finishes and new blends. 


The Whiskeys

The same week we launched the Club, Daithi O’Connell took two 3 yr old single pot still whiskeys and recasked them as an experiment in flavor. It’s appropriate then that the result of this experiment has come to fruition exactly two years later.
Available exclusively to members of the Stories & Sips Whiskey Club all over the world.
Single Pot Still Amontillado Sherry Cask Finish
Only small quantities of Amontillado Sherry are produced making it a rarity in the world of whiskey. Amontillado is lighter than an Oloroso Sherry in flavor yet this whiskey yields wonderful clove spice notes together with dark dried fruits and almonds, luscious pot still texture and a medium dry finish.
Style: Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Age: 5yrs
Distillation: Triple distilled
Maturation: 3 years in an ex-bourbon barrel and 2 years in an Amontillado Sherry Cask
Bottled at: 57%
Size: 700ml
Number of bottles: 258 (single cask)
Cask no: 334171
Price: $89/Eur 89
Shipping: Subsidized $25 shipping to US/Eur 9.95 shipping to Ireland. 
How to buy: Link to purchase at bottom of page
Single Pot Still Bill Phil Peated Cask Finish
Bill Phil was the first triple distilled peated single malt released in Ireland in a century when launched onto the market to great acclaim in 2018. Daithi has taken one of his ex-Bill Phil casks and filled it with a fantastic single pot still whiskey from Great Northern Distillery, resulting in a whiskey that has been kissed by a wisp of smoke, adding a wonderfully meaty note that in no way resembles a directly peated whiskey but instead feels more like a sweet, ginger and lemon spiced pot still whiskey that has been walked through a room where the embers of a fire exude a lovely end-of-night aroma. Suitable for non-peated whiskey drinkers!
Style: Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Age: 5yrs
Distillation: Triple distilled
Maturation: 3 years in an ex-bourbon barrel and 2 years in an ex-Bill Phil Peated Single Malt barrel (ex-bourbon)
Bottled at: 59%
Size: 700ml
Number of bottles: 258 (single cask)
Cask no: 296204
Price: $89/Eur 89
Shipping: Subsidized $25 shipping to US/Eur 9.95 shipping to Ireland. 
How to buy: Link to purchase at bottom of page

The Birthday Bundle

Our birthday bundle is exactly that – a bundle of great whiskey items to celebrate two years of the Stories & Sips Whiskey Club. I want as many people as possible to try these two whiskeys alongside each other to see just how different paths can alter the same distillate dramatically. They pair perfectly together and will make for a great tasting event. Included in the bundle:

1 x Single Pot Still 5 yr Amontillado Finish
1 x Single Pot Still 5 yr Peat Cask Finish
1 x W.D. O’Connell Glencairn
3 x W.D. O’Connell Whiskey Samples
4 x Stories & Sips Coasters
8 x Stories & Sips Stickers
1 x Stories & Sips Glass Cover/Topper

Price $169/Eur 169 (plus $40 shipping to US/Eur 9.95 in Europe)


A Charitable Component

We’ve been very fortunate with the experiences we’ve had in our Club and the whiskeys we’ve enjoyed. These anniversary releases will give back to those in greater need. Bottle number 1 of each of our releases will be auctioned on Irish Whiskey Auctions with all funds raised going to support Cork Penny Dinners. Additionally, $5 from each bottle sold will be donated to the same worthy cause. It is our hope to raise $3000 that can be presented before Christmas to Cork Penny Dinners, a charity that, without judgment and with no questions asked, helps feed those experiencing tough times, in need of a friendly face or a chat. 


Available: November 20th, 3pm EST. Exclusively to Stories & Sips Whiskey Club members on the link below.

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The link above will take you to our virtual members’ shelves where you can choose the bottle(s) or bundle(s) that suit you!

Sláinte and thank you for the support.