The Busker Triple Cask Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

March 29, 2022

The Busker Triple Cask Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

Royal Oak Distillery (Ilva Saronno) 

Blended Irish Whiskey 



Tasting note compiled by Mark McLaughlin (@mark_rye)



‘Triple Cask, Triple Smooth’ probably the tagline which has boiled my blood to the point that I’ve had to reconsider why I allow these things to annoy me so much. My point being that Irish Whiskey as a whole category needs to move further and further away from this depiction of ultra ‘smooth’ whiskey, what does that even mean? If anything it makes it sound like it’s less flavoursome than the rest. 

Anyway, this is a blend of single malt, single pot still and single grain whiskey which have all been produced at Ilva Saronno’s Royal Oak Distillery, Co. Carlow. It has been ‘matured and finished’ in bourbon, sherry and marsala casks. This is the flagship offering from Royal Oak and I’m hoping it’s packing more of a punch than the tagline suggests. 



Golden straw


Nose (Aromas)

Lively youthful spirit with a dose of acetone which brings forward an aroma like opening an old tin can of pear drop sweets(candies). There’s a nice touch of lemon biscuits with candied lemon peel for a garnish. It’s quite spice driven with a dusting of cinnamon and distinct ginger snap biscuits you might serve with a dollop of vanilla Ice-cream.


Palate & Finish 

Its light and delicate with a nice balancing of toffee, vanilla and butterscotch with light spices in the background. There’s a hint of the biscuity flavour from the palate but it’s not as clear as the nose and the finish is soft and light.



The nose of this whiskey is superb but the palate is incredibly delicate. I’ve struggled to find the influence of the marsala casks but there’s no doubt that this is an easy drinking, delicate blended whiskey that many will enjoy.



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