The Great Irish Whiskey Quiz, Dream Casks & a Bit of Madness: Lock-in Livestream

October 4, 2020


This week the Lock-in Livestream is a double whammy – Barry sips on three remarkable whiskeys from Midleton Distillery – the much sought-after Redbreast Dream Cask 28YO and two Method & Madness Single Pot Stills: the French Chestnut and Acacia Wood finishes.

He shares their stories and sips. But that’s not all!

Do you think you know your Irish whiskey brands? In an interactive quiz, Barry will test your knowledge through video, photo and question rounds.

We try to stump even the most experienced and devout Irish whiskey fans with some challenging questions. Plenty for the novice too and you might even discover some new Irish whiskey brands to chase down.

Get your Irish whiskeys, pens and paper ready. We have stories, sips, craic and maybe even a song or two.

Irish whiskeys sipped this week:

  • Redbreast Dream Cask 28YO
  • Method & Madness Single Pot Stills: French Chestnut Finish
  • Method & Madness Single Pot Stills: Acacia Wood Finish




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Each week Barry opens up a few different Irish whiskeys and invites a guest or two to join for conversation and craic.

The Lock-in Livestream is a great chance to raise a glass to our health, one another and another week under our belt.

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