The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

November 10, 2021

The Legendary Silkie Irish Whiskey

Sliabh Liag Distillers (sourced)

Blended Irish Whiskey 



Tasting note compiled by Mark McLaughlin (@mark_whiskey)



Silkie Whiskey is the independently bottled brand of whiskey from Sliabh Liag Distillers, who have just commissioned a superb new distillery in Ardara, Co. Donegal. Drenched in folklore, Sliabh Liag take the inspiration for their spirits from many of the great stories surrounding the coasts of Donegal, in this case from that of a legendary mermaid, known as a Silkie.

This blended whiskey has been through many different variations in the pursuit of improvement, each of which you which you can find information about on The most recent release contains the following 5 component whiskeys from Great Northern Distillery:

  • 13% Triple Distilled Single Malt matured in Sherry Casks
  • 13% Double Distilled Malt matured in Sherry Casks
  • 4% Triple Distilled Peated Single Malt matured in Sherry Casks
  • 35% Grain Whiskey matured in Virgin Oak Casks
  • 35% Grain Whiskey matured in Bourbon Casks

This is 1 part of their flagship duo of Silkie Whiskeys that are widely available across the USA after rapid expansion in 2020/2021.



Straw. Natural.


Nose (Aromas)

It smells like a blend – sweet grain, soft fruitiness and a hint of spice, peat barely noticeable, in fact I’m not sure if I noticed it. It’s not unlike shortbread biscuits at times with typical apple and pear malt notes throughout.


Palate & Finish 

Soft & light with again those distinct orchard fruits notes, apples, pears and maybe even a touch of orange zest, or orange chocolate, I’m not sure which. The sweet grain carries the palate towards pencil shavings and toffee with just the lightest dusting of smoke, like kindling not quite catching alight. The finish is delicate and a little short.



This product has vastly improved in its many iterations which is a testament to Sliabh Liag’s persistence in trying to get things right, I may just prefer the Dark Silkie, or maybe I’m just testing you to see if you’ve read it as well. Although I would say you’d need to try them both yourself.


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