The Liberator Small Batch – Double Port Finish Tasting Notes

March 24, 2022

The Liberator Small Batch – Double Port Finish Tasting Notes

Wayward Spirits

Malt & Grain Blend



Tasting note compiled by Mark McLaughlin (@mark_rye)



One of the newer independent bottlers in Ireland, Wayward spirits founded by Maurice O’Connell have been sourcing whiskeys from distilleries in Ireland and bring them to their Lakeview Estate in Co. Kerry for finishing, blending and finally bottling in relatively small batches.

Refreshingly open about the components of their whiskeys, this particular one is made up of 42% malt components with the remaining 58% consisting of grain whiskeys. The malt components come from both Great Northern Distillery and Cooley Distillery as do the grain components. They state the components range had been distilled in 2006, 2010 and 2015, how much of each is open to interpretation.

This particular release was a batch of 3000 bottles, with some of the malt components finished in tawny port casks while some of the grain components were finished in ruby port casks.



A lovely orange red glow


Nose (Aromas)

There’s complexity here, I’m immediately intrigued, there’s instant wood spice aromas surrounding a dark fruit character that shouts from the glass. There’s a sweet grain whiskey note that is exactly like Teeling Single Grain, which bodes well given the European oak influence there as well. There’s chocolate covered nuts with a spicy malt character.


Palate & Finish 

The palates opens quite balanced with distinct fruits, apples, dehydrated citrus fruits you’d find as a garnish on cocktails, along with chocolate orange notes. The wood spices from the palate don’t quite build the way they did on the nose, it’s there but not as specific. The grain whiskey shows itself with toffee notes and cloves that run riot throughout the palate. The again brings those chocolate covered nuts.



I’m impressed, it’s got an abundance of flavour with plenty of layers to it and is well placed at its pricepoint. If I was uber critical I’d say that the port casks have had a really positive influence but I don’t see a distinct ‘port’ character. This has firmly placed Wayward Spirits & The Liberator whiskeys as a brand I’m going to follow closely in the future, really enjoyed this.


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