Tour Clonakilty Distillery’s Atlantic Ocean Warehouse

August 7, 2022

Clonakilty Distillery Head Distiller Oisín Mulcahy was kind enough to give us a behind the scenes tour of the distillery’s Atlantic Ocean Maturation Warehouse the afternoon before our tasting event with him live from the distillery, recently. 

There are few homes in the world with a few as good as this warehouse has, with its commanding views of the Atlantic Ocean from its perch in Ardfield, just a few short yet twisty miles from the distillery in Clonakilty in West Cork. 

Oisín walked us through the blending and bottling room and the main maturation space, pointing out some future releases currently finishing their time in wood as well as explaining the plans for expansion of the maturation facilities over the coming year. 

You’ll get to see some very old casks, some new casks, some whiskey blending in tanks as well as the arrival of some new casks for filling over the coming weeks. A warehouse tour from the head distiller never fails to amaze and entertain, with the sheer number of casks as well as the variety of wood and spirits that are discussed and the views are equally impressive.

If you’s like to watch Oisín leading us through a tasting of Clonakilty whiskeys live from the distillery, you can watch a replay of that event here.


Watch the full video below