Tullamore DEW 14YO, Paddy Centenary, Redbreast 27YO, J.J. Corry The Gael – Tuesday Night Tipple

June 30, 2020


You’re familiar with #FridayNightDram, #SaturdayNightSip and #SundayNightSup, but in these uncertain times, we may need to add another hashtag. Introducing #TuesdayNightTipple, a live video event hosted by Omar Fitzell, the chancer behind ThatsDramGood.com and Barry Chandler, the bluffer behind StoriesAndSips.com on Tuesday April 7th at 8pm Irish time (much earlier in America!), live on Facebook and Youtube .

Join us as we have a bit of craic, pop open a few bottles and pretend we’re in the corner of Dick Mack’s in Dingle having an auld chat. Times are tough. We need a bit of banter and a drop of whiskey to make everything that little bit easier.

Irish whiskeys sipped:

  • Tullamore D.E.W. 14YO
  • Paddy Centenary
  • Redbreast 27
  • J.J. Corry, The Gael