Tour of the Two Stacks Irish Whiskey Headquarters

August 4, 2022

We were thrilled to work with our friends at Two Stacks Irish Whiskey earlier this year for our first-ever Stories & Sips Club whiskey, The Craic

We’ve been impressed with the the creativity of casks, maturation and finishes that founders Shane, Liam and Donal have brought to the world of Irish whiskey and for the bottling of The Craic, we made the trip north to their headquarters, just outside Newry in Co. Down where the team was still building out their new HQ. Fast forward just a few months and we have our very first bottle of club whiskey in our hands, and the warehouse has been transformed.

Two Stacks co-founder Shane McCarthy was kind enough to give us a little tour around the complex ahead of our live tasting of The Craic


Watch the full video below