Walsh Whiskey – Tears & Triumphs

February 28, 2019

Anyone familiar with the struggle of putting pen to paper on a consistent basis to create, to craft, to tell a story will be all too familiar with the paralyzing phenomenon known as writer’s block – where no matter how long you stare at the page, nothing materializes in ink. Ireland is of course,  synonymous with great writers, who at some point or other would have fallen prey to this very block.

Legend had it that these Irish writers would cry tears of whiskey in desperation, either indicating just how much whiskey was pumping through their body or that we have great imaginations in Ireland. Today, any mention of Writers tears can mean only one thing – a fantastic Irish whiskey from Walsh Whiskey.

In this episode of stories and sips, we’re going to tell the story of a determined couple and their quest to bottle Ireland for the world to enjoy.