Crested, Powers, Redbreast 27, Jameson Bow St. Lock-in Livestream

June 24, 2020

Sharing an Irish whiskey together on St. Patrick’s Day! Sound begins at 6:10 when I finally figure out how to work a microphone in my first-ever Irish whiskey livestream!

More than 2800 people joined me from the comfort of their own homes on St. Patrick’s Day across Facebook, YouTube and Periscope as I worked my way, dutifully, through 7 Irish whiskeys, including some distilled in the 1950s. It was an incredible way to connect with so many people at one time, answer questions, have a chat and just hang out together during uncertain times.

Whiskeys sipped:

  • Jameson Crested
  • Redbreast 27
  • Jameson, Bow St.