Robert Caldwell: Dissecting Teeling Whiskey

June 24, 2020

In November, 2018 I sat in the bar of Teeling Distillery in the liberties area of Dublin, sipping on the first Single Pot Still whiskey to be made in Dublin in more than 40 years.

A style last made by Powers in the nearby John’s Lane Distillery in the early 1970s, this release from Teeling marked a new chapter in Dublin distilling and in the world of Irish whiskey, and just like the Teeling logo of a phoenix that hangs over the distillery door, it signified a whiskey resurgence and a rising from the ashes. In the 1960s it wasn’t clear if Irish whiskey would survive, yet today we can count more than 30 operating distilleries on the island of Ireland. There are more to come, too, which is great news. That means more innovation, more risk taking, and a wider range of whiskeys for us to enjoy.

This week, Teeling Whiskey celebrates its 5th birthday, a fantastic milestone, yet only the beginning of what I’m sure will be a long and interesting journey ahead for the distillery.

Teeling has remained a bit of an enigma to me over the past few years as I’ve tried to get my head around the myriad of brands they produce and release, so to put me straight and get my head around the company and their approach, I sat down with Rob Caldwell, Teeling Global Brand Ambassador to help me understand what Teeling is all about.

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