Killarney Distillery

The Killarney Distillery was founded in late 2019 with a philosophy that if it says Killarney on the label, all the water, barley, turf and know-how involved should be from Killarney. 

Utilizing two 2000 liter copper pot stills, made locally in town, The Killarney Distillery recently filled their first cask of Killarney Whisky. This oak cask from Bordeaux, which previously contained sweet white wine, now contains 200 liters of single malt New Make.

The cask was filled on December 30, 2020 and the distillery has stated that they plan to host a public bottling event on December 30, 2023, when the maturation process has concluded. 

Future plans include additional casks comprised of pot still whisky made with organic barley grown in Killarney and peated whisky where the malted barley was smoked with turf from Kilcummin before distillation.