Lough Measc Distillery

Lough Measc Distillery


Lough Measc Distillery is situated in an old restored factory in Killateeaun, Tourmakeady in Co. Mayo, an area in the west of Ireland known for its aesthetic scenery.

The distillery has four separate hand-made copper stills; a big whiskey still, which holds 1,000 litres; right down to a small 10 litre still, which they use for vodka and test distilling.

The stills are based off an ancient design inspired by the dawning of distilling, and took 6 – 8 months to custom build and deliver.

Eoin Holmes is their head distiller. He was born in Silicon Valley in California, moved to the east coast of Ireland as an infant, before moving to Westport six years ago. He began distilling with Lough Measc in 2018.

Their premier whiskey will be called Loch Measc, a Single Malt Whiskey still maturing. It will be twice distilled and aged in American and European oak barrels.


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