Powerscourt Distillery

Powerscourt Distillery


Powerscourt Estate is located half an hour south of Dublin in Co Wicklow and is one of Ireland’s most treasured gardens. Here you will find the Powerscourt Distillery in the old mill house on the grounds.

The distillery boasts three extravagant pot stills, six separate tasting rooms, a gift shop, a cafe, a screening room, and adjoining maturation facilities.

The Estate embraced the 200-year-old cut-stone outhouses, barns and farm buildings during construction and fused the old with the new with contemporary floor to ceiling windows.

Powerscourt Distillery is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Gerry Ginty and Ashely Gardiner and distilling began in 2018. They have the capacity to produce an annual output of one million litres a year. Currently the team lay down about 100 casks a week in their purpose built maturation warehouse.

While their triple distilled spirit matures, Powerscourt Distillery has released a sourced range of whiskeys named ‘Fercullen’.

Because Irish Distillers has a whiskey brand called Power’s, naming their spirit “Powerscourt Whiskey” wasn’t a viable option. The Fercullen range takes its name from the Irish name ‘FeraCulann’, given to the ancient and strategically important lands that surround and encompass Powerscourt Estate.

This range is exclusively sourced from Cooley Distillery.

It includes a Premium Blend, a 10 year-old Single Grain, a 14 year-old Single Malt and a limited 18 year-old Single Malt.


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