Skellig Six18 Distillery

Based on the Atlantic Coast, Skellig Six18 Whiskey and Gin Distillery is experimenting with what happens when only the purest Irish ingredients are used to create a flavor that captures the distinct essence of our homeland.

Skillfully made by hand in a former boathouse in Cahersiveen, Kerry, Skellig Six18 focuses on making the most of what’s available in the area.

The Distillery & Visitor Experience showcases the Irish whiskey tradition and tells some of the stories from this richly historical and character-filled landscape. 

Skellig Six18 Distillery is located on the Coastline, in Cahersiveen where the mountains meet the sea. The same wild landscape that motivated sixth-century monks to build their monastery 11km out in the Atlantic Ocean. From a small landing cove on granite rock, they crafted six hundred and eighteen steps to reach their monastery on the top of Skellig Michael.

Discover the method behind their unique formula, which is steeped in the region’s surroundings, and enjoy a gin and whiskey tasting experience unlike any other at this location on the Skellig Coast.



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