The Crolly Distillery

The Crolly Distillery and Visitors’ Centre is located just five kilometers from Donegal Airport in the small village of Crolly.

Upon opening in January 2020, The Crolly Distillery became a modern entry in the long history of whiskey production in Donegal. The last fully functioning whiskey production facility was shuttered here 180 years ago.

Built among the hills of Donegal, close to the Atlantic Ocean, the location of the distillery beside the Dore River was carefully selected. It is thought to maintain the ideal conditions for slowly aging high-quality, single malt Irish whiskey.

In its previous incarnations, The Crolly Distillery building started its life as a carpet factory, spent some time as barracks for the Royal Irish Constabulary, and until the 1970s housed the world renowned Crolly Doll Factory.

The new distillery houses houses ex-cognac copper pot stills and takes a “grain to glass” approach. The founders say that they will rely on three simple, quality ingredients to produce the finest organic spirit: West Donegal spring water, East Donegal home grown barley and yeast strains of the highest quality.

In 2021 the Visitors’ Centre will open with a focus not only on Irish Whiskey but also the long proud history, and the people, of Donegal.


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