Wild Atlantic Distillery

The Wild Atlantic Distillery is County Tyrone’s first ever distillery to produce gin, vodka, and whiskey.

The distillery is located along the edge of Atlantic Ocean’s surrounded by the hilly terrains of the Sperrin and Bluestack Mountains, only 15 miles from the well-known Wild Atlantic Way.  This makes the environment around the Wild Atlantic Distillery the ideal condition for distilling and maturing traditionally crafted Irish whiskey.

A team from whisky-online.com discovered an incredible collection of whiskey in County Tyrone toward the end of 2019, not far from Wild Atlantic Distillery, which dates back to the middle of the 1800s.

A false wall that was concealing a secret room in an old outbuilding in County Tyrone was discovered while it was being demolished. In the basement of this room, a collection of approximately 200 bottles was found. The bottles were on their sides, covered in a thick layer of moss and packed in with turf. The bottles were made in a way that was similar to how they were made in the 19th century (approximately around 1840-1860.)

The whiskey-containing sample was confirmed by Tatlock and Thomson Ltd., a company that has provided scientific services to the beverage industry for more than a century. The team at whisky-online.com says that the discovery, most likely distilled nearly two centuries ago and hidden shortly thereafter, is a significant turning point in Ireland’s history of distillation. These bottles represent a memory when large urban distilleries and hundreds, if not thousands, of small-scale illicit operations were spread out across the rural areas of the country.

Brian Ash and Jim Nash, the brothers-in-law who founded Ireland’s newest distillery, are dedicated about preserving the long tradition of independent and craft distilleries.

They were inspired to create something extraordinary by the locals and the surroundings and also use innovative distillation techniques that are grounded in tradition.


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