The Shed Distillery

The Shed Distillery


The Shed Distillery in Co Leitrim is so named because its team took to calling the dilapidated building “the shed” when they began construction.

Founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur P.J Rigney, who has spent three decades in the drinks industry. His credits include being on the team that “invented” Baileys. The Shed Distillery  is 90% owned by Rigney, his family and a stake in Dalcassian Wines; a wine and spirits distribution business.

Brian Taff, a long time friend of Rigney’s is now the head distiller at The Shed Distillery.

In 2019 it launched its first whiskey which contained spirit they distilled on their first day in December 2014. Letting it’s whiskey reach 5 years, 2 more than the required 3, was a choice they made based on flavor.

It is a Single Pot Still with a mash bill of malted and un-malted Irish barley with Irish Barra oats matured in a combination of Kentucky Bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry casks. This limited expression made up of 12,000 bottles globally distributed contains whiskey from the first ever cask distilled at the Shed Distillery in Leitrim on 21st December 2014.


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