Replay: Meet The Maker – Alex Thomas, Master Blender at The Old Bushmills Distillery & Live Tour of Distillery

January 6, 2022

We broke all records with this extraordinary event, live from inside the Old Bushmills Distillery. For four and a half hours, we were treated to the first tour of the distillery in almost two years by newly-appointed Master Blender Alex Thomas and Brand Ambassador Lauren McMullan followed by a tasting session in the distillery tasting room that felt like it included every Bushmills whiskey on the market. It was a night to remember with many of you commenting that we’ll have a tough time beating this!

To help you re-live the night (or watch and listen for the first time) we’ve prepared a number of segments – the full four and a half hour session in mp3 audio format, to allow you download or listen while you drive as well as the live tour segment of our night. We are still mastering the video file of the 3 hour tasting event so will let you know as soon as that’s ready.

Note: the video quality is less than studio quality due to the technological challenges of streaming the tour live as we made our way through the old stone buildings, but listening to the comments received during the tour, it seems like everyone was able to fulfill enjoy this incredible experience.

Full Event Audio


Download audio file directly by clicking on the arrow in the top right of the player above.


Live Distillery Tour



Bushmills Tasting Session