A Trip to Bushmills

January 24, 2022
On Friday, January 14, 2022, we broadcast live from the Old Bushmills Distillery for our Whiskey Club “Meet The Maker” Event.
Bushmills Master Blender Alex Thomas and Brand Ambassador Lauren McMullan were kind enough to treat our Club members to a four and a half hour live session that included a livestreamed tour of the distillery (our members were the first people to see inside the famed walls in almost two years) and a fantastic tasting session.
You’ll find that entire event available for replay in our member’s area here: https://storiesandsips.com/club/meet-the-maker/
Club members can also download the full four and a half hour session in audio format to listen as a podcast.
The event included:
  • A private after-hours (midnight) tour of the brewhouse and stillhouse
  • A drive through the distillery grounds
  • A private tour of a 16,197-strong maturation warehouse including a climb to the roof
  • The opening of a cask of 10 year old single malt and a wee sampling
  • A tasting session that included:
    • The Sexton
    • Bushmills 10yr
    • Bushmills 16yr
    • The new US-market Bushmills 12yr
    • Causeway Collection Sauternes
    • Causeway Collection 32yr All-Port Single Malt
    • Causeway Collection 30yr American Oak Single Malt
    • and many more
We captured the entire trip from Cork to Bushmills on video for you and are sharing the highlights here to give you a sense of the incredible passion and personality that exists at the distillery.
It was an incredible trip and one that will live long in the memories of all our Club members. A huge thank you to Alex and Lauren for one of the best experiences I’ve ever enjoyed in the world of Irish whiskey. 


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