Cocktail: Smoked Pineapple Highball

February 6, 2022

by Chris Hennessy, Irish whiskey and cocktail expert and co-creator of Aqua Vitae


“Highball” is said to be an old railroad term for the ball indicator connected to a float inside a steam train’s water tank which told the conductor that there was enough water in the tank & so the train could proceed. Apparently, when the train was set to depart, the conductor would give the highball – two short whistle blows & one long”. An apt relay, as the drinks consist of two shots of liquor & one long pour of mixer.
The term may have come from the American railroads (rapidly developed 1828 – 1873), or perhaps alternatively derived from Irish roots with the term “ball” being a common term for a glass of whiskey in Ireland, a ‘ball of malt’ & more specifically in golf club bars in late 19th century England, a term for a whiskey served in a high glass.
With the expansion of coal use in Ireland during the 1800s, peat dried Irish whiskeys became few & far between. 
Our Highball is inspired by the journey of 19th century Irish whiskey across the sea to the ports of France, Caribbean Islands & the Americas. As each port received their delivery of Irish whiskey and space opens onboard the ship, dessert wine, rum, coconuts & pineapple may have taken up the space, finding their way to Ireland, arriving as the most exotic of deliveries. 




¾ oz Plantation Pineapple Rum
1 ½ oz Coconut water
1 ½ oz Pineapple juice
2x Lime wedge squeeze


Taking a highball glass, firstly squeeze & drop in two lime wedges.
Proceed with the ice to the brim, followed by each measurement above.
Stir briefly to incorporate.
Serve without a straw as to fully experience all the ingredients.
Sip & savor. 


The sharp juice, bitter pith & fragrant oils play beautifully with the tropical edge. Blackpitts should whisper barbecued pineapple across the subtlety of sweet refreshing coconut water.