Meet The Maker: Group Meetup and World-First Bottle Release with Talnua Distillery

May 11, 2022

Event: In-Person Meetup, Tour & Tasting
When: July 3rd at 12pm Mountain Time
Where: Talnua Distillery


The event

Our Whiskey Club committee members Stacie Stearns and Dave Bohorquez were joined by members at the fantastic Talnua Distillery for a meetup, tour and access to an exclusive bottle release for the event – a world first, bottled-in-bond American pot still whiskey.

The exclusive bottling is a world first – a bottled in bond American single pot still whiskey. Talnua is the first distillery to release such an expression and we are privileged to be offered the first cask of this whiskey with bottles labeled exclusively for our community!

Single Pot Still Whiskey, a traditional, Irish style of whiskey, was brought to life in America with the same passion as the cheery bartender that excitedly introduced it to Talnua Distiller founders Patrick and Meagan Miller in a Galway pub one sunny afternoon in 2011. Much like how the two met each other, it was love at first sight for this unique distilling tradition which they felt would blend beautifully with American soil. And thus, Talnua was born, the first-ever Single Pot Still Whiskey in the United States, now with the truly distinctive flavor of centuries of Gaelic traditions mixed with the steadfast hearts of the American people.

The Bottle Release

Three cask samples were dispatched all the way to Ireland to Club founder Barry Chandler to choose between three potential casks that would be bottled for the event. With the help of single pot still expert and loquacious whiskey authority Fionnán O’Connor, the two unanimously picked a cask distilled on 5/18/18 to be the first ever bottling of this unique style. 
It’s a fabulous whiskey and was referred to as “classically pot-stilly” as well as having a “gorgeous bit of burnt pear in there”!