Replay: Meet The Maker & Tour with Michael O’Boyle, Baoilleach Distillery

July 6, 2023
Tune in on July 12th as we experience Ireland’s smallest distillery up close.
Michael O’Boyle, founder and distiller of Baoilleach Distillery in Donegal, will take all of the five minutes needed to show us his micro-distilling operation on Ireland’s northernmost coast where he produces spirits like rum, gin, poitin and whiskey inspired by the distillers of old in his area. He may even do the whole tour from his chair!
We’ll then hear about Michael’s unique approach and distillery setup, his plans for his spirits, hear about the grains he grows outside the very door of the distillery, feet from the stills and we’ll learn about the rich distilling history of that part of Donegal, both legal and illegal!
Our Meet The Maker events are a great (exclusive) opportunity to meet the people behind the pours, ask questions directly of them and often get some breaking news on new releases and distillery plans.
Looking forward to the craic with Michael.

Watch the replay of our great chat below.