New Bushmills, Great Music and Irish Whiskey Questions Answered: Lock-in Livestream

November 2, 2020


This is the second of our Lock-ins to come live from Ireland and there’s plenty of peat and wood on the fire.

Every week we open three different bottles of whiskey and this week is no different. On our (very bare) shelves in our remote cottage this week are:

– West Cork Bourbon Cask
– Bushmills 1995 Malaga Finish (just released)
– Powers Gold Label

We asked each of our guests to bring whatever bottles they may have on their shelves too so prepare for some surprises, as we definitely have more than just three whiskeys to sip on and talk about.

As the world of Irish whiskey continues to attract new fans, we’re seeing more and more questions being posted in our Facebook Group about Irish whiskey. It can be a complicated world of production and labeling and distilleries and brands so we’re joined on the Lock-in this week by Mark McLaughlin from Cask Strength Communications who takes our questions and answers them with ease.

Mark has spent many years working in the Irish whiskey industry behind the bar, in front of it, in retail and consultancy and what technical knowledge he doesn’t have may not be worth knowing anyway.

Continuing our tradition of having a musical guest as part of our Lock-in, we’re joined by fellow Irish whiskey fan and guitar sensation Casey Lee Ball who not only lifts the floorboards with his tunes but also empties some very fine bottles of Irish whiskey during the show too.

So, wherever you are and whatever you have in your glass, please join us for a few hours of craic and community. In these unusual and tough times, we need a Lock-in with our friends more than ever!




Irish whiskeys sipped this week:

  • West Cork Bourbon Cask
  • Bushmills 1995 Malaga Finish
  • Powers Gold Label




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