St. Patrick’s Week Lock-in with Irish Whiskey Auctions

March 28, 2022

In this special St. Patrick’s week Lock-in, we were joined by Anthony and Katie Sheehy from Irish Whiskey Auctions to continue the celebrations of the most Irish of weeks.

We opened up some great bottles of whiskey, chatted about our favorite releases, got a great tour behind the scenes at Irish Whiskey Auctions and might have even sown the seeds for a whiskey tour of Ireland. Plans were made and interest expressed! You’ll just have to tune in for all the details!

Don’t expect Anthony to have sung on the night. He promised to end the broadcast if pressured!

If you want to see two of the most expensive and oldest bottles of Irish whiskey ever released on display together, Anthony and Katie bring us into the secret room where the rarest of whiskeys are stored!