Why Irish Whiskey Is Booming

October 12, 2018

According to the Irish Whiskey Association, combined sales of Irish whiskey are growing at a rate of 250,000 bottles a week. This year will be the first year in over 100 years that Irish whiskey sales globally will top 10 million cases. 90 million liters of whiskey will flow down the throats of lucky drinkers around the world. That’s enough whiskey to…..well….to have a good time! In this episode we’ll explore the reasons behind this growth.

Four years ago, Ireland had just four distilleries producing whiskey. Today there are 18, and it’s expected that there will 30 by 2020, all distilling the world’s fastest growing spirit. So, is it the growth in the number of distilleries that is responsible for the increased global demand or are they the product? The answer is a little of both really.

One distillery has been producing the liquid that is responsible for 85% of Irish whiskey sales around the world – and that is Midleton distillery with their old-reliable Jameson accounting for 65% of all Irish whiskey sold last year and then you have Tullamore Dew and Paddy, though not owned by Irish Distillers, their liquid is also produced currently at Midleton.

But Midleton and other distilleries are only producing what they are relatively sure they will sell and their supply is designed to meet demand. So what has generated this demand? I’ve got 5 suggestions for the growth.


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