Cans of Irish Whiskey & Two Stacks Irish Whiskey: Lock-in Livestream

July 30, 2020


***Video issues resolved after the first few minutes….***

I’m joined this week by the entire team of Ireland Craft Beverages who will launch their new Irish whiskey – Two Stacks – live on our livestream.

This will be the first time this whiskey has been seen, opened or tasted in the United States.

On a recent episode of the Stories & Sips podcast I chatted with Liam Brogan, co-founder of the company about the journey so far.

We now have a chance to see the whiskey, taste the whiskey and chat about future US availability with Liam, Shane and Donal.

You’ll also learn about the first Irish whiskey in a can. Yes, a can!

It will be a great night, a chance to celebrate a new whiskey and ask questions of those behind the brand.

Tune in live, pour yourself a drop of Irish whiskey and let’s have another great session.


Irish whiskeys sipped this week:

  • Two Stacks Irish Whiskey: First Cut
  • Two Stacks Irish Whiskey: Blender’s Cut




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The Lock-in Livestream is a great chance to raise a glass to our health, one another and another week under our belt.

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